Wellness When You Want it, Wherever You Want it.

Oh life- oh life- of life! That we would have time for ALL OUR HEARTS DESIRES...

For those of you who live internationally, that are travelling with work, that are new to wellbeing , and of course for all of those who want to take the Greenhouse Pracitce into their homes!!! WELCOME!!!


 Our online classes are sent via PDF and Newsletter private email to our home students.  EVERY MONTH YOU WILL RECEIVE 3 CLASSES, one yoga, one fitness, one meditation... AS WELL AS... a 15 min LIFE COACHING SESSION WITH SHONA ON THE INTENTION OF THE MONTH, and more: recipes, practice schedules, inspirational tips and monthly challenges. 


This month the month of September 2018 is all about Self Care.  How do we practice that? What does that even mean to you? How will it look like for you to practice self care?


For more information email us:shona@almhultsgreenhouse.com or visit us at the GREENHOUSE in Älmhult