ARRIVED!!! : an online COURSE through UDEMY on Yoga Deepening 


Oh life- oh life- of life! That we would have time for ALL OUR HEARTS DESIRES...

For those of you who live internationally, that are travelling with work, that are new to wellbeing , and of course for all of those who want to take the Practice into their homes... WELCOME


 Our online classes are sent via link once the class is requested through email:, and payed for via PayPal.  Classes available are ever expanding and new classes will continue to be added monthly: currently we offer yoga, fitness, life coaching and meditation.

( also available are free online mini classes and life chats accessible through the YouTube channel ) 


Online Classes 

1.  YOGA: the Mindful Warrior: in this 40 min class the student is taken through a Warrior Flow with emphasis on accessing that inner strength and core to acknowledge that you are victorious. A traditional class with warm up , seated and standing asanas, savasna and upasana. Shot in The Greenhouse Studio in Sweden.     Price: 12 CAD    85 SEK     7.5 EUR

2.  YOGA: Flow and Glow: in this 40 min class the student will flow in and through vinyasa and haha yoga asanas in a modern flow context for rejuvenation and recharge.  A modern class with warm up, seated and standing asanas, savasana and upasana. Shot in the Greenhouse Studio in Sweden.    

Price :  12 CAD    85 SEK     7.5 EUR

3.  Mediation: Remember your Roots: Roots to this 30 min guided meditation you will be lead to sit, breath, and remember and reconnect with who you are, shot and filmed in the forrest of Southern Sweden.    

Price :  12 CAD   85 SEK    7.5 EUR

4.  Meditation : Reflection of You: an 18 minute guided mediation for self care and self love. Taking time to sit and breath and reflect on your value and you doing you.  

Price :  12 CAD    85 SEK.    7.5 EUR 

5.  Life Coaching: Learn-Grow-Love: an 11 min Life Chat where Life Coach Shona® discusses and encourages your on the topic of learning -growing and loving.  Shot in The RawFood Fika House in her Swedish Studio.

Price:  7 CAD    50 SEK      4.5 EUR 

6.  Life Coaching : Your First Human Need: a 12 min Life Chat where Life Coach Shona® discusses and encourages and TEACHES on your primary need as a human and how to honour and meet that need.  Shot in the RawFood Fika House in her Swedish Studio. 

Prics:  7 CAD  50 SEK.   4.5 EUR


7.  Fitness: Body Sculpt: The Tone Up:a 15 min total body sculpt workout designed for a lean dancers body and total rejuvenated muscle tone.  Shot in the South of Sweden in Studio. 

Price:  10 CAD   70 SEK    6.5 EUR

8. Fitness: Body Sculpt: Full Body Blast: a 15 min full body blast designed for maximum results for the entire body with emphasis on the backside.  Shot in The South of Sweden in Studio.

Price: 10 CAD   70 SEK.  6.5 EUR